Viewpoint: Robert Stein, Associate Commissioner, Department of Higher Education, Chair, MOREnet Council

Originally published in MOREnetworking Vol. 2 No. 6, May 2006

The Internet continues to change our world by increasing access to information and experiences that were relegated to fantasy or science fiction just a few decades ago. The thought of being actively engaged in learning with peers across the globe from the comfort of home is less and less rare. Today, the Internet’s growth as a physical structure has been matched only by the creativity with which its users have found new applications. With an ever-increasing rate of telecommunications used by children under six, it is essential that MOREnet members become more actively engaged in growing this precious commodity so that Missouri is able to effectively meet the education, research, public service, government, and economic development needs of future generations.

Since its inception in 1991, MOREnet has evolved as a model collaborative effort, engendering creative thinking and partnerships among all user sectors. The MOREnet Council was established in 2003 to formalize involvement of sponsoring agencies (K-12, higher education, and libraries) in the oversight of planning and budgeting for MOREnet’s infrastructure and initiatives supported by public funds. Council members meet three to four times a year to review budgets and long-range plans, and to provide recommen­dations on specific initiatives.

In preparing for continual growth, the MOREnet Council intends to set both short-term and long-range goals and objectives as a foundation for its work. Staying apprised of national developments will help Missouri ensure that the state’s design and development for telecommunications involves forward thinking. Technological innovations and applications continue to blur the landscape of educational delivery systems so that courses and educational programs that blend telecommunications with traditional structures and delivery formats are becoming more normal. The Council is interested in forging new learning partnerships among K-12, higher education, and public libraries that will utilize technology-enhanced instruction in multiple ways.

As chair of the MOREnet Council, I invite you to communicate with Council members about new telecommunications developments in other states and ideas for additional partnerships among MOREnet members. By working together we can ensure that MOREnet services and technologies become ever-stronger utilities that are efficiently and effectively used.

Robert Stein
Associate Commissioner, Department of Higher Education
Chair, MOREnet Council

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