Viewpoint: Margaret Conroy, Missouri State Librarian, Missouri State Library/Secretary of State

Originally published in MOREnetworking Vol. 2 No. 7, Sept. 2006

As Missouri’s State Librarian, I have the privilege of working with a number of organizations, associations and networking groups to further the interests of Missouri libraries. Chief among these vital organizations is MOREnet.

My association with MOREnet began as a member, back in the early days of public library participation. Starting with hands-on training and relying on the telephone support, I learned the basics of managing the emerging Internet technology and building a computer network. Perhaps of even greater benefit to me has been the personal networking I have experienced as my role with MOREnet has evolved over time. Through the Missouri Library Association (MLA), I have lobbied the legislature for continued funding for MOREnet. For the past two years I have represented the public library sector on the MOREnet Council, along with Springfield-Greene County Library Executive Director Annie Busch. Now, as State Librarian, I am in a position to help direct the work of the Council, the primary function of which is to direct and oversee planning and budgeting for MOREnet.

It is my personal goal to see that MOREnet not only continues to serve Missouri’s schools, libraries and academic institutions but also thrives and grows as a deliverer of technology services to its members statewide. I am committed to continue to lobby for state-supported MOREnet funding. It is vital that all MOREnet constituent groups, individuals and associations such as MLA, MASL and others, work together with one voice to send the message of MOREnet’s value to our legislators. We are in the calm between the storms, so to speak, of the legislative sessions, but now is the time to plan ahead, learning from the lessons of past sessions to influence the decisions made in future sessions. We can all help this effort by speaking with our legislators in their home districts, inviting them into our schools and libraries to show them MOREnet services in action. Local efforts such as these will help ensure this organization, through which we have grown professionally and which has grown along with us, will exist to serve our successors.

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