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Originally published in MOREnetworking Vol. 1 No. 2, Nov. 1, 2002

You may already receive official MOREnet messages through a MOREnet discussion list, but if you would prefer not to receive the bulk of the messages sent to these lists (and are not required to be subscribed as a MOREnet Contact duty), you can receive official MOREnet messages by subscribing to the Accunounce system.

Accunounce is an e-mail notification service MOREnet uses to send official e-mail. This service is part of MOREnet’s continuing efforts to ensure that you receive the essential information you need from MOREnet, but are not overwhelmed by information you don’t want. View a list of Accunounce categories. Sign up for Accunounce by filling out the Accunounce subscription form. Accunounce also sends to selected e-mail discussion lists.

Only official MOREnet messages are sent via Accunounce. The main purpose of the system is to serve those who do not wish to receive the “discussion” part of discussion lists and are only interested in receiving official MOREnet messages. A subscription to Accunounce differs from membership in one of the MOREnet-sponsored discussion lists in that the discussion lists are intended for customers to exchange messages on the topics about which they are interested with other customers, while an Accunounce subscription lets you receive only official announcements directly from MOREnet.

The Accunounce system sends messages to categories, which are MOREnet-related topics that may interest you. Some of the most popular Accunounce categories are Training News, Online Resources News, Network Outages and Maintenance and Videoconferencing. Currently available Accunounce categories include:

  • Conferences General information about conferences hosted by and/or sponsored by MOREnet.
  • K-12 TNP General information about the K-12 Technology Network Project (TNP).
  • kinetic Service Announcements and information about the kinetic Service.
  • MERC General announcements and information about the Missouri Education and Research Consortium (MERC).
  • MOREnet Affiliates General information about the MOREnet Affiliates program.
  • MOREnetworking Monthly MOREnet newsletter for general audiences.
  • Network Outages and Maintenance Network outage and maintenance announcements for MOREnet’s network and services.
  • Online Resources News News and updates about online resources offered through MOREnet to its customers: EBSCO, Gale and NewsBank.
  • REAL General information about the Remote Electronic Access for Libraries (REAL) project.
  • Training News News and information about MOREnet training classes and schedules.
  • Videoconferencing General information about MOREnet’s videoconferencing services.

To subscribe to one or more Accunounce categories, use the subscription form. From this page, you can subscribe to new categories, change the categories to which you are subscribed or unsubscribe from categories. Simply follow the directions on the webpage to manage your subscriptions.

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