Traning Spotlight: Blogs in the classroom

One of the powerful new uses of web 2.0 technology by teachers in the classroom is the rise of collaborative blogs. More than just a simple informational blog, these new blogs allow students to post assignments, share information, comment on each other’s work, collaborate with other classes or schools, and even create a community “virtual story” or village, complete with personalities and their own stories.

Many blog sites allow for the development of collaborative blogs by allowing the teacher to set up accounts for each student that give them permissions to publish to the site. And the best part is that most of them are FREE! There are also pay sites that offer more in the way of user management or security, but even a basic site can be created in minutes to get teachers and students up and collaborating with each other, the class next door or even students around the world.

MOREnet has developed a class that explains the basics of Web 2.0 technology that is scheduled to be taught the first time in the Spring of 2008. This class will discuss not only blogging, but social networking, wikis, podcasts and other valuable new tools for teachers.

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