Training Spotlight: SMART Boards

SMART Board Interactive White Boards are popping up in classrooms and training facilities in schools, libraries, offices and on campuses all across the state. Chances are some of the boards are in your facilities. Are they being used to their fullest potential?

Some of our favorite features are great for using during presentations. The My Content area of the SMART Notebook Gallery (above) allows you to save screen captures, hand drawn images and other gallery items in a place that is easy to access later for use in presentations.

The Screen Shade (below), Magnifier and the Spotlight tools all provide ways to focus your audience on a particular section of your presentation when using the SMART Board.

Did you know that SMART Technologies continually updates the software used on the SMART Board and that these updates are always FREE?

Did you know that MOREnet Training currently has three SMART Certified Master Trainers that can teach your staff how to effectively use the SMART Board and this training is FREE?

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Denise Tate-Kuhler | Monday, October 22, 2007 | |


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