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Originally published in MOREnetworking Vol. 2 No. 1, Sept. 2004

Welcome to the inaugural print edition­ of MOREnet­­­working, show­casing how networked services­ are impacting Missouri libraries, schools and higher edu­cation­ institutions. We hope that you’ll learn from each other by sharing your triumphs­ as well as the issues­ and challenges­ you face in this rapidly­ changing environment.

We all like to talk about ourselves.

We feel we have a lot to talk about at MOREnet. In our 14th year, we serve over 700 organizations. We provide a robust, reliable­ and secure network. We feel like we do a good job supporting­ you with training, consulting, security and more.

We really communicate with you A LOT — electronically, of course. So, we’ve spent time this past year listening to you. You told us we’re doing­ a good job informing­ you about security events and problems, but we could improve delivery of general communications, and one way to do that is through a form other than e-mail­. In fact, some of you said we send out so much information via e-mail that important­ information­ gets lost.

And we learned something even more important: that you are changing the way you work, teach and research, using networked services in innovative and exciting­ ways.

We took all of this information that we learned, put our heads together, talked some more with you, and much to our surprise, discovered that there is still a role for the printed word.

And so, MOREnetworking: Stories About You.

Well, it won’t actually be ALL about you. We’ll provide a calendar of upcoming­ events in each issue, maybe even a tip or trick, and even some information on MOREnet services. Additionally, our website — — will provide you with current information about Internet technology, security issues, MOREnet whitepapers, training opportunities and conferences. We’ll continue to provide you with e-mail updates about important news as we learn of it. And we’re exploring other means of getting information to you as well.

But this newsletter is about you. In short, we want you to talk about yourselves.

So send us your ideas. And please tell us how we’re doing. Send an e-mail to and we’ll be in touch.

We’re listening.

Bill Mitchell
Executive Director, MOREnet

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