Show-Me TechKnowledge Day 2006

Originally published in MOREnetworking Vol. 2 No. 6, May 2006

Show-Me TechKnowledge Day 2006 showcased learning-through-technology projects from schools all over Missouri. Students from elementary through college age met at the capitol in Jefferson City on Jan. 18, 2006, to demonstrate how they had used technology to enhance their learning.

Students used access to the Internet and online resources provided by MOREnet to research projects such as creating QuickTime movies of student drawings and overlaying them with text and dubbed audio, researching forensic techniques to use in examining forensic evidence for a CSI-like crime, presentations on presidential trivia and famous Missouri people and writing resumes. Some students also participated in computer programming activities and some shared their work using webpages they created. MOREnet helped make the day a success by helping to set up computer equipment and Internet connections­ and providing troubleshooting assistance­ during the event.

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