Quiz: Who put the ether in Ethernet?

Originally published in MOREnetworking Vol. 1 No. 2, Nov. 1, 2002

  1. Bob Metcalfe originally named the prototype network at the Palo Alto Research Center the “Alto Aloha Network” after Alohanet (a University of Hawaii packet radio network). He changed the name to Ethernet based on the “lumeniferous ether” that scientists once thought carried radio waves.
  2. The EtherBunny, of course.
  3. Fernando Cisco, early networking pioneer. His acronym was Ensured Transmission Hierarchy using Establish Resources.
  4. MIT President Jerome Bert Wiesner coined the term after noting that his engineering students were “getting absolutely giddy” over a networking concept developed by rival Stanford University. He compared their behavior to sniffing ether.

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Answer: 1. Read about it at and

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