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Welcome to the new online edition of MOREnetworking.

Much about the online edition will be familiar. As our Executive Director Bill Mitchell said when we introduced the print edition in 2004, MOREnetworking showcases “how networked services are impacting Missouri libraries, schools and higher education institutions.” In other words, it’s still about you.

Going online, however, allows us to add some enhancements. We can now provide much more information about the latest technology and related issues, such as the columns on training, security and E-rate. There’s an RSS feed. We can include video and other multimedia pieces and plan to offer much more in the future. In the near future, we hope to add much more interactivity, including forums and comments. Stay tuned.

We also plan to publish more frequently, but part of that depends on you. We want to hear your stories, and we would love to receive stories written by our members, such as those in this issue by Missouri River Regional Library’s Robin Hastings and Special School District of St. Louis County’s Nancy Ide.

If you have any comments or ideas about the site, PLEASE let us know by using our contact form or by e-mailing us at We want to build the best site possible, and your feedback is essential.

Please see Lamar Henderson’s About MOREnetworking article to help get started. We hope you enjoy the experience.

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