MOREnet training returns­ home

Originally published in MOREnetworking Vol. 1 No. 8, May 2003

The past couple of months have brought weeks of training and travel to MOREnet customers throughout the state of Missouri. Budget reductions and concerns have hampered some customer’s abilities to travel, thus their inability to take advantage of our numerous training topics. MOREnet has continued to offer onsite regional training and in-service opportunities throughout the state at various customer locations.

After Greg Wheeling visited the Mercer County Library in Princeton, Mo., for a day of in-house training on online resources, both the Mercer County Mirror and the Princeton Post-Telegraph ran small articles.

The MOREnet training section provided regional and in-service training classes spanning 37 days at eleven different locations. In response to a drawing at the fall conference, six “free” in-services were given away as well. The trainers also support numerous conferences with breakout sessions and e-mail stations.

It is apparent that our customers still have a desire and need for skill development and enhancement. This has not declined and we are trying to be “inventive” in the various ways we can deliver our services. Another piloted program this year has been the use of the distance-learning tool called CentraOne. The training section did months of testing during the winter and rolled out two classes using this medium in April and May 2003.

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