It's all about the bandwidth

Sifting through previous Campus Computing Project reports, I found it almost humorous that in 1997 Ken Green noted that “almost one-third (32.8 percent) of all college courses make use of e-mail” and that “fully one-fourth (24.8 percent) of all classes draw on resources available on the Internet.” As we all know, it’s a very different environment now. As Web 2.0 power-users, today’s students and faculty have moved way, way beyond e-mail and use of the Internet as a resource is in some way, a component of most college classes.

In what has been coined the “great bandwidth arms race,” campuses everywhere are faced with ever-increasing demands for more bandwidth. No longer do the tools for word processing, data manipulation, graphic design, e-mail, file storage, online collaboration, etc. need to be tethered to a desktop. They now “live” on the Internet in myriad forms. Add to this the traffic of mobile devices, podcasting and vodcasting, critical systems such as student and administrative information systems, high-definition video, video streaming and multicasting, VoIP, etc. and you quickly see spikes in your bandwidth utilization. The bottom line of course, is that the more data you move, the more bandwidth you need.

From another historical perspective, the DS3 backbone that MOREnet had in 1997 was at that time more than adequate. That was of course prior to the explosion of Web-based applications and also was BV (before video!). We are now at a rocking OC48 on the backbone and are already planning for additional growth. The MOREnet Next Generation Network that is on the drawing board today is being designed for high capacity and scalability and will continue to provide the robust and reliable network that you have come to depend upon over the last 16 years.

If you envision a need for additional bandwidth in your campus connection to MOREnet in either the short or long-term, please feel free to contact me to discuss options. I’m always happy to talk with you and I’m here to answer your questions!

Best wishes for a fabulous and productive fall semester.

Nancy Piringer
Higher Education Program Manager
(573) 884-7200

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