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Originally published in MOREnetworking Vol. 1 No. 7, April 7, 2003

MOREnet provides a compiled list of educational technology grants available from outside sources as well as funding sources such as foundations, government institutions and corporations. MOREnet itself does not provide any grants or file grant applications for organizations. To see what information MOREnet provides about grants, visit our grants page at The information you will find there includes:

Upcoming Grants

List of educational technology-related grants for K-12 schools, libraries, colleges and universities and other affiliates with upcoming application deadline dates.

Expired Grants

Archive of grants with deadlines that have passed. Many grants recur on an annual basis.

Grant Sources and Funders

Browse the websites of funding sources and find grants from contributors in the following categories: State of Missouri Government, Federal Government, Corporations, Foundations, Non-Monetary Support and Topical Interest Areas.

Grant Preparation Assistance

Get help and advice about writing grant applications from various sources on the Web.

Subscribe to the Grants Discussion List

Get updates of new grants as they are posted on this site and converse with colleagues about the grant application process or related topics.

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