Full-featured webmail available­ for all kinetic customers

Originally published in MOREnetworking Vol. 1 No. 11, Aug. 2003

MOREnet is happy to announce the availability of full-featured webmail to all kinetic service customers.

kinetic is a suite of software delivering Web hosting, e-mail hosting and e-mail account management. The kinetic service allows MOREnet customers to maintain their organization’s webspace and/or e-mail on MOREnet-managed servers. For a small annual fee, your organization can simply and inexpensively manage these services while removing the trouble and expense of maintaining your own hardware and software. You retain local administration and control of content and access.

All of the following features are part of the kinetic service and available at no extra charge.

  • NEW: With webmail, kinetic e-mail account holders can go to one URL to access their e-mail through a Web browser from any computer.
  • Protect your users from spam and viruses. MOREnet has deployed the Reliable Anti-Virus Spam and Anti-virus engine for the kinetic service. Reliable Anti-Virus Spam marks potential spam for the user’s review — it does not automatically delete it. kinetic webmail will make use of spam and virus filtering, just like kinetic e-mail using a desktop client.
  • Offer special features on your website like a community calendar, search engine, Z39.50 capability for searching a library catalog and a job databank to post employment opportunities.
  • Easy-to-use kinetic Web-based interface to manage accounts.
  • Keep your current domain name/URL or register a new one through MOREnet.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly usage reports.
  • Many more features are available.

Important information on using kinetic webmail, including browser requirements, inactivity timeout and issues to consider if you are using webmail and a desktop client, is available at

Additional information on the kinetic service including additional features, fees and the application process is available at

Please contact your Program Manager with any questions regarding the service at (800) 509-6673.

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