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Trends in technology and learning

Eric NicklasSusan McLester, Editor of Technology and Learning Magazine, recently identified Ten Top Tech Trends in education. Here is my own perspective on these very interesting trends and their impact in Missouri.

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Securing a home PC

MOREnet Logo 2Several people have asked us for steps to secure their home PC. We have put together a document that gives some steps that just about anyone can take to add some significant layers of security for a machine.

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Fulfill someone's dream (and it's free!)

Jeanne SullivanI hope you’ve heard about Learning Express Library, a comprehensive test preparation and skill improvement service for college entrance preparation, improving school performance and finding a new career.

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Traning Spotlight: Blogs in the classroom

Blogs in the classroom One of the powerful new uses of web 2.0 technology by teachers in the classroom is the rise of collaborative blogs.

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HELIX 2008: Information Age to the Interaction Age

Nancy PiringerWe’re busy gearing up for yet another great Higher Education Learning and Information eXchange (HELIX) conference on April 2-4, 2008 at Tan-Tar-A.

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Students from 11 states explore Riverbluff Cave (UPDATED)

Columns connecting the ceiling and floor of the cave.On November 7, 2007, students from eleven states took a virtual tour of Riverbluff Cave in Springfield, Mo.

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Missouri State Capitol tour available online

Missouri State Capitol BuildingStudents and citizens across Missouri and the world can now tour the Missouri State Capitol online.

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I dream of GENI

Widgets 1People often ask me what I see in my crystal ball regarding the future of the Internet and computing technologies. Recently when I looked, I saw a GENI!

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MOREnetworking online

Widgets 5Welcome to the new online edition of MOREnetworking.

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Disaster Preparedness: AT&T’s Torri Behnke-Spiegelhalter discusses technology options for higher education institutions

AT&T’s Torri Behnke-Spiegelhalter addresses MERC IRsTechnology can play a key role in disaster preparedness, but without adequate planning and practicing, your investment may not yield the results you need in the event of a crisis.

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