MOREnet Brochures

MOREnet Brochure
The Missouri Research and Education Network (MOREnet) has been providing Internet access and other technology services to Missouri’s public schools, public libraries, academic institutions and other public organizations for 15 years. Founded as a consortium of these public entities and funded by the state, MOREnet led the effort to create a state where all members would have equitable access to technology resources to enhance opportunities for learning.

MOREnet Information Sheets

E-mail Virus and Spam Filter
E-mail viruses and spam are two of the biggest hassles system administrators have to deal with on today’s Internet. MOREnet’s low-cost E-mail Virus and Spam Filtering service eliminates the majority of spam and all known viruses from an organization’s e-mail. EVSF requires no end-user participation­­—no server, equipment or software reconfiguration, no time to administer, and no hardware investment on your part. Everything happens on MOREnet’s backbone.
Internet Content Filtering
MOREnet’s Internet Content Filtering service allows members to filter the Internet content accessible over their networks in order to exclude content deemed inappropriate. ICF is powered by SmartFilter® Bess® Edition from Secure Computing. Members may host the software on their own systems, maintaining both the software and the hardware themselves, or can subscribe to MOREnet’s hosted service, in which MOREnet deals with all of the system technical requirements while members retain control of the system’s configuration.
kinetic Web and E-mail Hosting
MOREnet’s <em>kinetic</em> suite of software provides members the freedom and flexibility to manage their organizations’ e-mail and Web needs simply, securely and inexpensively. This MOREnet-hosted solution allows members to maintain local administration and control of content and access, without having to manage and maintain costly Web and e-mail servers.
MOREnet KnowledgeBase
The MOREnet KnowledgeBase, from RightAnswers, is a collection of more than 125,000 technical knowledgebase articles across more than 200 software titles including Microsoft applications, Adobe applications, StarOffice, Novell GroupWise, Netscape and others. In addition, MOREnet will add our own custom content relevant to MOREnet member services!
MOREnet Video Services
MOREnet’s Video Services give members the opportunity to communicate via full-motion video as well as broadcast streaming video that can be viewed anywhere in the world. Virtual classrooms and real time, face-to-face meetings are only two of the possiblities when you use MOREnet’s Video Services.
Online Resources
MOREnet provides its members access to a broad variety of online resources, databases of information including the full text of thousands of magazines and academic journals, hundreds of international, national and regional newspapers, professional development materials for educators and interactive Internet safety resources for children.
Ruckus Network
Ruckus Network, Inc., supplies free music downloads specifically for college students. Throughout the year, undergraduate and graduate students will be able to access the Ruckus service anytime—on or off campus. The Ruckus service is delivered through a partnership with MOREnet.
MOREnet provides a variety of technical training options to support MOREnet member services as well as training to support Web development and network technologies. This training is included as part of an organization’s MOREnet membership. Classes are held regularly at MOREnet’s training facility in Columbia, at regional locations throughout the state and in-service sessions can be arranged to allow the training to take place in a member facility. Other training options include online training and Web seminars.

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