Sept. 29: Episode 4

Debra Kidwell , Producer

At first, the idea of a podcast on “legal stuff” seemed vague and too general. However, when I started to outline what I would or wouldn’t want to talk about, it actually came very easily, and it was easy to identify the content experts. All that was left was to find a ‘volunteer’ to act as the mediator.

The bulk of the content for this podcast was put together in about an hour. The outline was about 30 minutes, and then the remaining time was spent gathering the specific information where appropriate, including a quick consultation with the other content expert. The final script was submitted to the other two participants about two days before recording so that they would have an opportunity to review and customize the content.

The recording session itself went fairly well, although my unfamiliarity with the software caused a few glitches (nothing like recording 5 minutes of content in ‘take 2’ and discovering it was recorded over ‘take 1’!). The setup for the session was quick and easy – open laptop, plug in mike, open software program and click the record button. That was pretty much it. It was very simple to replay a session, and a fun side benefit was being able to see the ‘ranges’ each of our voices used. J

The biggest difficulty with the whole process was simply scheduling! Both myself and the other content provider have tasks that literally eat up the majority of our available time. Finding time where both of us were available was very difficult. Once the recording was done, I largely left the editing and final production to others – this wasn’t the plan, but wasn’t unexpected either – my workload is variable and can be highly dependent on what others are doing (planned or unplanned). The podcast wouldn’t have been completed without others who were willing to pitch in and help with the final production steps. My thanks to those who stepped up!

All in all, I would do it again, and I think the other participants would as well. It definitely took a little more than just an hour or two to put together, but if it is something that is useful to others, the effort was not that burdensome. If someone takes the time to coordinate the overall effort, I think it would be fairly minimal effort to provide content.

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