Sept. 15: Episode 2

Connie Coy, Producer

The biggest issue for me was time. We were constantly short staffed during the two weeks I worked on this and didn’t have “dedicated time” to work on this.

When I used our Sony camcorder, the audio was “hot” and would cut out periodically, and also picked up background noise. I did not use a microphone and probably should have. Using the digital media recorder was much cleaner.

I was not happy with my voice, but I tried different approaches and didn’t seem to get much better. I sounded like I was reading and was not smooth. If it doesn’t come easily, it takes a lot of practice. I would have benefited from a voice coach. I found several websites afterwards that may help:

The scripts were the most time consuming piece of the project and determining when to use or not use URLs. Instead of using URLs, I just said, “Please review the MOREnet Video webpage, etc.” The URLs were listed on the podcast webpage.

We decided our internal procedures on committing equipment need revised. I needed the camcorder the same day other staff already had it committed. One other staff person had his personal camcorder and we used it for one of the segments.

The encoding to Windows Media was an easy process as I’m very familiar with this.

In the troubleshooting piece, the IP Kevin used was invalid — 215.333.33.222 — as the .333 range does not exist. I had a couple of staff members comment on this.

For me, two weeks was not enough time to produce a quality event for the first time. After you do a couple, this is feasible. Also, the department you are in realizes the time constraint and schedules will need to be accommodated.

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