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To add some aural interest to your podcast, to serve as a transition between segments or just to cover up areas where you edited different audio files together, you may want to consider adding music to your podcast. The sort of background music well-suited for this purpose can be purchased from a variety of vendors.

The music used in this episode was purchased from Opuzz at, which produces royalty-free music clips for download. Each clip sold by Opuzz is available in a variety of different lengths, ranging from 10 seconds to about two minutes, costing from about $5 to $30, depending on the length of the clip. Files are available in MP3 and WAV formats.

Opuzz sells its music clips royalty free, which means that once you’ve purchased the file, you can use it in your productions as you see fit, as often as you like, without having to pay any further use fees. You’re restricted in how you can use the music only in that you can’t repackage and redistribute. Opuzz also asks you to submit cue sheets if you use their music in a television, radio, film or theater production.

The music used in this episode of MOREnetworking: Podcast includes “Mountains,” by Lawrence J. Lawson and “Afternoon Siesta,” by Karen May Jackson. We also used a free track that Opuzz gave us just for purchasing the other tracks.

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