June 30, 2006: The Research Project Proposal

Like all projects at MOREnet, the MOREnet Podcasting Research Project began life as a project proposal.

A project proposal is an outline of the project that includes what the project is, how it aligns with MOREnet’s objectives, what the scope of the project is, what the actual deliverables the project needs to produce and a schedule for the major milestones in the project’s life.

Another major factor the project proposal included was who the stakeholders of the project were — that is, who were the people who would be impacted by the execution of the project. This included the project’s sponsor on MOREnet’s Executive Staff, the project manager and the members of the podcasting team.

The podcasting team was composed of MOREnet employees who had expressed an interest in podcasting, or who were recruited for the team because they had specialized knowledge I thought would be beneficial to the project.

If you’d like to see the podcasting project’s project plan, you can view a copy here.

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