Aug. 25: Episode 1 Pre-Production

After some preliminary planning and discussion, the podcast team finally gathered to plan out the first episode.

The podcast team consisted of Lamar Henderson, the project manager (that’s me), Connie Coy, from MOREnet’s Video Services group, Kevin Gilmore, from Internal Support and Debra Kidwell, from Contracts and Purchasing. (The team later added Charlie Steinhaus, from Technical Support Services.)

MOREnet being a technical organization, it was no surprise that most of the team members were technical professionals. However, the technical team members all came from different areas within MOREnet, which meant that they brought a variety of experience and perspective. It was also important to include a team member with experience on the business side of the organization, a potential source of content that was often overlooked. Overall, the team covered a good portion of the different areas at MOREnet.

One of the first tasks the team tackled was what to call the program. A variety of names was proposed, but in the end, we settled on MOREnetworking: Podcast because we already had two print newsletters that used the MOREnetworking name. What is a podcast, after all, but an audio newsletter?

Our next decision was what topics the first episode should cover. The team threw out several different ideas, but in the end, we all agreed that it made a certain sense for our first episode to be about podcasting.

For a while, I had thought that each episode should have some sort of moderator or producer whose job was to determine the content, recruit the content providers and oversee the production of the audio. Kevin volunteered to be the producer of the first episode. As an active user of podcasts, Kevin was arguably the member of the team with the most knowledge of the topic. However, we ran into a bit of problem when we took a look at the schedule.

When I put together the schedule, I used a sort of triple overlapping system. For example, in the first week, we would do pre-production for episode 1, in the second week, we would do production for episode 1 and pre-production for episode 2; in the third week, we would do post-production for episode 1 and release it, do production and pre-production for episode for episode 3 and so on. Unfortunately, Kevin was going to be out the week of production for episode 1. So, the task of producing the first episode fell to me.

Unfortunately, that raised its own issues, because, although I was the project manager for a podcasting project, and was going to be the producer of an episode about podcasting, I really didn’t know all that much about podcasting.

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