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Riverbluff Cave Videoconference: Nov. 7, 2007

Description: Explore Riverbluff Cave with students from 11 states. Paleontologist Matt Forir and David Harrison, author of Cave Detectives: Uncovering One of America‚Äôs Oldest Ice Age Caves discuss the formations and fossils within and the extraordinary story behind the discovery of America’s oldest known Ice Age cave.

Format: archived Windows Media Video

Length: Session 1, approx. 53 min. Session 2, approx. 47 min.

System Requirements: Windows Media Player 10 or above

Links to Recordings:

Session 1 (third- through eighth-grade audience): mms://

Session 2 (10th- through 12th-grade audience) mms://

Additional Materials

Riverbluff Cave Q&A

Description: Questions submitted by students during the Nov. 7, 2007 Riverbluff Cave videoconference. Answers provided by Matt Forir and David Harrison.

Format: PDF; 33 KB

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