I dream of GENI

Widgets 1People often ask me what I see in my crystal ball regarding the future of the Internet and computing technologies. Recently when I looked, I saw a GENI!

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MOREnetworking: Research Feb. 16, 2007

Widgets 4Where does the time go? It seems like fall classes were just gearing up and already the holiday break is well behind us as we jump into the new year.

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MOREnetworking: Research Aug. 11, 2006

Green Sphere 1The hurry’er we go, the behind’er we get. There aren’t enough days in the week. If it’s not one thing, it’s six of another.

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MOREnetworking: Research April 20, 2006

Widgets 1Every survey we’ve conducted with you, the members, has shown that you value the “research” we do. The “R” in MOREnet is there because we, as a consortium, value research.

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MOREnet research laboratory

Widgets 1Casual users of MOREnet’s services might not know that MOREnet maintains a network laboratory used for testing and research. Managed by MOREnet’s Strategic Technologies Group, the lab contains a number of different routers, computers and other equipment.

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