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Trends in technology and learning

Eric NicklasSusan McLester, Editor of Technology and Learning Magazine, recently identified Ten Top Tech Trends in education. Here is my own perspective on these very interesting trends and their impact in Missouri.

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Securing a home PC

MOREnet Logo 2Several people have asked us for steps to secure their home PC. We have put together a document that gives some steps that just about anyone can take to add some significant layers of security for a machine.

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Fulfill someone's dream (and it's free!)

Jeanne SullivanI hope you’ve heard about Learning Express Library, a comprehensive test preparation and skill improvement service for college entrance preparation, improving school performance and finding a new career.

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From the Archives
Episode 5: Tech Talk

PodcastingFriday, Oct. 20, 2006. In this episode, we will be talking with the system administrators and help desk staff who support the Microsoft servers and workstations at MOREnet. The topic for this roundtable will cover desktop management, using the tools that are available from Microsoft, a geographic information systems application and the upcoming Windows Vista release. We will close our podcast with what hardware and software were used to produce this podcast.

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